Artist: Graphic design, website development, webpage and social media management.

I am an experienced and organized graphic designer who enjoys working with diverse populations.  My design and enthusiasm has created different opportunities for me to serve the public.  I'm an effective team leader who has impeccable time management skills.  My superior communication abilities allows for me to work well collaboratively with key stakeholders while making progress in the arts education
and social justice movement. 



Social Media, Software Mac and PC environment                                                                                                           
Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Hootsuite
Adobe CS5: Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, (Hype) InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
Microsoft Office 7: Front Page, Word, Outlook, and Power Point.
Quickbooks Pro 2010
Relevant Experience

South East Effective Development;                                                                                                                 
• Taught design elements to the multicultural after school community art and youth program.  We produced fabricated banners for the entry way of the Lake Washington Apartment complex.L.W.A. Banners: Graphic Design Workshop.  Rainier Beach, Seattle, WA 2011         
• Developed a Graphic Design curriculum for at risk students from South Lake and Rainier Beach high schools.  We created twelve 3' by 8' banners that are install in the Rainier Beach Business District.
Rainier Beach Banner Project, community banners.  Seattle, WA 2007                  

Urban League Metropolitan of Seattle
• Successfully organized and managed an academic and social mentoring group.  Eighth grade students of color focusing on skills, habits and resources to enable a successful transition to High School.  I connected 30 male students, provided structured opportunities to interact with current male Urban League Scholar student in High School, and over saw the development of their individual High School plans. 
M.A.N. UP Middle School Academic Achievement Network.  Seattle, WA 2009

Festival Sundiata
• As the a primary liaison for the community festival I also managed the festival collateral, images, art exhibits and artist reception. I redesigned and manage the festival website integrating Sundiata's Facebook page and Twitter accounts, including all contact, and payment forms.  Festival Sundiata.  Seattle, WA 2011-14

Seattle Public Schools in association with GearUP
• Applied software support and designed a creative course to build intuitive a frame work.  I created a lesson plan and organizing a Lego Robotic building summer session.  Gear UP Lego Robotics Summer Academy.  Seattle, WA 2006
• Developed curriculum and taught Geometry through art.  I served the entire seventh grade population, approximately 120 students, at both middle schools in their Extended Day Programs (Extended Day Program ) a program designed to maximize the amount of time this population of students have for reading, math and writing per their school week.)
Madrona K-8 and Meany middle School.  Seattle, WA 2005/06

The Raising Our Youth As Leaders
• I designed and manage R.O.Y.O.L.'s website integrating their Facebook page and Twitter accounts including contact and donation forms. 
• I designed and manage Actors First Agency's website.
• I designed and manage we • app's website integrating their Facebook page and Twitter accounts, including contact and payment forms. 

Public Works
• Managed the collaborative work sessions with Amina Fields-Jones, Director of Education - Urban League of Metropolitan of Seattle, and Marzeta Swearengen, Director of Garfield Communtiy Center, to transport supply delivery and work sessions.  I managed a group of young men, ages 14-24, to create a contemporary design representing their perspective of the community.  We completed the mural in partnership with volunteers from the Garfield Community Center.
Project Interruption.  Seattle, WA  2009
• Coordinated the summer event "We Love Garfield" to celebrate Seattle's Central Area diversity and multiculturalism.  I lead 75 young artists in painting a 14 by 22 wall.  In addition, I lead 75 art students in a community arts project to illustrate and paint a 12 by 40 mural to further the arts education movement within this underserved community.
Garfield Community Center.  Seattle, WA 2003
The Seattle Commons Project
• Managed a program for 14 at-risk students in a successful design proposal presented to the Seattle Commons panel.  I was successful in motivating the interns to meet our scheduled deadlines.  We painted and presented a 22' x 40' bill board dedicated to the
Seattle Commons movement.
Seattle Youth Core.  Seattle, WA 1996

Graphic Design and Illustration
City of Seattle DON; Logo design and Brochure update P.A.C.E. program. Seattle, WA 2013 
City of Seattle DON; Logo design and Brochure for the new P.A.C.E. program. Seattle, WA 2012 
City of Seattle, DOP; Post card design and t-shirt design for rainier beach Neighborhood workshops. Seattle, 2011
Menashe and Sons Jewelry; Edit and manage website, create images for holiday website ads. Seattle,WA 2011
Puget Sound Nurse Practitioner Association; Logo - website creation and maintenance. Seattle, WA 2009
West Seattle Community Clinic; Logo - website creation and maintenance. Seattle, WA 2008
Ujima Community Services; Logo business cards, catalog, website creation and maintenance. Seattle WA 2006
Grace Publishing Company; Book cover design - Book layout and design - website creation. Dallas, TX 2005
Video Sports Challenge, Inc.; Logo - business cards - web site creation. Houston, TX 2004
Colors NW Magazine; Layout 1/4 page ads for existing customers. Seattle, WA 2001 
The Empty Vase; Logo design for store front Banner. Beverly Hills, CA 1999
Madison Park Design; Illustrator, color pencil illustration of Star-bucks coffee house interior. Seattle, WA 1997
Festival Sundial; Design for Festival Sundial Poster. Seattle, WA 1997
Folk Life Festival; Designer, The 26th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival Poster. Seattle, WA 1997                           

Traditional Tools
Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, Color Pencil, and Digital Camera.                    

People's Academy of Public Engagement, City of Seattle (DOP) October 2013
NxLevel Business Net Work;NxLevel Entrepreneurial and Business Management. 2003                                     
Horizon Professional Computer Services; Power Point 7.0. 1999
South Seattle Community College; Small Business Administration. 1989
Seattle Central Community College; General Studies. 1987
The Burley School of Professional Art; Seattle, WA 1981
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